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Comic Invasion Berlin

We played at a comic festival on a rooftop!

Killing Fat Children – Trike’s Newest Video (Trike Tuesday Webisodes!)

In this video you meet our producer MATTHEW GOLDEN, our music video director DAVID C, you see us on stage, recording with opera singer NIKKO MOSS and, best of all.. you get to see Xania finally wear socks that match!

Good Stuff Is Happening

Good things have been happening to us.

We made a music video this weekend with a Venezuelan director for the first single from SLAPPED! SLAPPED! is our first proper album in two years. Matthew Golden is producing it.

It’s one of the songs from our ‘Friday Songs’ project. That project was the most internet-interactive project of our career so far. We had an enormous amount of exposure online and that was pivotal.

However, 2011 was our lost year and 2012 is our found year. We are doing tons of shows. In April alone we had seven shows and we have three already slated for May… four including a kids birthday party… as well as a Wedding.

Did you know that we did our first wedding last year? It was in the area of Berlin called Wedding, so it was a Wedding in Wedding. Strange, eh?

We will be playing at the Fusion Festival this summer, Berlin Fashion Week’s Opening Party in July as well as White Trash in May.

Not everything is hunky dory. We auditioned for ‘The Best’ – a Berlin TV Show … a kind of talent search. We were rejected. However, one judge stood up and pronounced ‘No matter what happens, that was the most entertaining ten minutes of my whole day!’ We took solace in the fact that nobody was chosen that day… and some of the bands had travelled from other parts of Germany.

Rejection is part of life. You either adapt or die… and so many good things are happening, that experiences like that don’t matter. In the end, it’s just another story to tell in the Trike Saga.

Our album is coming along… we have worked worked and reworked every song for the last four months and tomorrow Matthew Golden will get the files and begin mixing and mastering.

We are still open for shows in May and June, so be sure to click on ‘CONTACT’ and write us an email if you want to book us.

Don’t forget to check out our ‘TRIKE on TUESDAYS’ TV Show… well, Webisodes, as they call them. Every Tuesday we have a two minute film about our lives here in Berlin. We incorporate a lot of humour and surrealism. You can watch them at our YouTube channel.

Much Love



JC comes over dressed like Jesus and smoking. Xania is trying to brainwash Stephen into believing that the Tar Sands are actually good. JC scolds them both and teaches them of the evils of the Tar Sands. Warning: Foul language.

Living in SIN!!! (Daily Vlog #5)

Living In SIN

The other night was a very inspiring night of comedy and conversation.  We played a comedy show (our first ever) with some really great comedians.  We’re posting a video about it, but it’s taking longer than we assumed it would.

I am also writing a song about the “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy”.

Vegetarians are MEAN!

VLOGVRIL – April Daily Vlog #4!

And here is the story behind my guitar cable… and why it was so precious to me.


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